Tips for River Cruising in Asia and Africa

River cruising is one of the best ways to kick back and relax while on vacation. It allows you to see the most admired places and the hidden gems of various destinations at a more casual pace. Today, there are hundreds of river cruises to select from, and that number continues to grow as this form of travel increases in popularity.

Speaking of sudden growth in popularity, Asia and Africa river cruises have been booking up faster than ever. With rivers like the Nile, Irrawaddy, Mekong, Ganges, and Yangtze, there are so many lovely, culturally rich and historically pleasing destinations to see and experience. Below is a little information regarding cruises in these two very special continents.

If you’re looking for adventure in a magical place full of wildlife, flavorful food, and vibrant traditions, Africa is the perfect place for your next river cruise. As one of the longest rivers in the world, the Nile will take you to some of the most alluring places including those with historical importance, pyramids, and several hidden gems only the locals are familiar with. Some cruises on the Nile will start in Africa and end in Egypt giving you views and insight into two of the most exceptional and diverse continents in the world.

There are many river cruises to choose from if Asia is where you’d like to travel to, but you should first decide which river to voyage. Between the Irrawaddy, Mekong, Ganges, and Yangtze, the places you could venture to differ greatly, but you can always anticipate one thrilling adventure full of rich culture and alluring views. The river cruises through Asia are especially popular among those looking for an exotic vacation full of spirit and exciting excursions. No matter which cruise you take and which river you choose, it’s likely you’ll visit floating markets, ancient temples, rural villages, tributaries, and much more.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact us and we’ll start planning your river cruise adventure in Asia or Africa. We have no doubts that you will have the time of your life creating memories in whichever continent you choose to explore and experience by way of river cruising.

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