Awesome Destinations for Walking Tours

Wandering by foot is one of the most significant ways to truly take in and enjoy your new surroundings. If you’re curious where you should go to experience some of the best walking tour destinations, here are 9 of the most popular and admired places that make the list…

  1. Maui
    Many Maui walking tours seem to come and go, but even if you decide to hike without a guide, there is a lot to see as you walk the trails. Make your way to a secluded waterfall or the island’s hidden gems including some of the fantastic eateries scattered throughout.
  2. Philadelphia
    Known as one of the country’s most walkable cities, Philadelphia is full of surprises around every block. The colorful street art, vibrant buildings, and beautiful architecture will catch your attention no matter where you go in the city. When you sign up for a walking tour, you’ll be delighted by some of Philadelphia’s most historically prominent monuments and sites.
  3. Amsterdam
    If you wish to head overseas on your travels, make your way to some of the most lively streets in the Netherlands. As the capital city, Amsterdam takes great pride in providing entertainment throughout its walkable streets. While on a walking tour, you will likely get to enjoy the tastiest street foods, gorgeous 17th-century canals, luscious parks, industrial docks, and much more.
  4. Cape Town
    Cape Town is the place to go for walking tours, and there are many to choose from. With such a gorgeous town center, there’s a lot to admire, especially since Cape Town continues to grow. You will get to view some of the most alluring Victorian architecture and historical sites. You can enjoy new restaurants and boutiques nearly anywhere you go.
  5. Paris
    It’s not surprising that Paris offers an endless amount of culinary tours. Of course, we highly recommend doing as many as you can seeing as the food is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is undoubtedly the place to go for all tourists that also consider themselves foodies.
  6. Portland, OR
    It doesn’t matter where you wander. You will see the residents of Portland making their way through town on foot. Here, you can choose to explore the forest or the city streets, and all of it is just as breathtaking.
  7. Washington DC
    With all of the neighborhoods in Washington D.C., there’s a lot to appreciate on foot. A lot of the U.S. capital’s historical sites and places of interest sit not too far from one another. So whether you’re looking into walking tours centralized around food, history or culture, Washington D.C. offers it.
  8. San Francisco
    San Francisco holds some captivating adventures. Instead of tours that showcase the great sites of the city, you will find that many of the walking tours highlight little towns and neighborhoods that come with an exciting, unique story.
  9. Melbourne
    The walking tours in Melbourne focus on showing the hidden gems of the populous city. There are a lot of secrets to unfold and so many unrecognized places to explore.

Are you ready to explore a new environment by joining in on some of the most fabulous walking tours? Send me an email at [email protected], and we’ll start discussing all of the options based on your interests so that we can plan your next vacation!

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