Absolute Best Places for Vegetarians to Visit

Being a vegetarian and traveling to foreign destinations can be extremely difficult. Not only do other cultures have their own traditional foods, but the language barrier can make it even harder to request a vegetarian meal or to understand your menu options. Fortunately, there are many countries that celebrate and accommodate vegetarians. So, before you start planning for a getaway, we’d like to inform you of the best places to visit as a vegetarian. 

  1. Italy

Believe it or not, Italy has the largest vegetarian population. Due to the high interest in vegetarianism, many restaurants cater to the majority by featuring classic vegetarian meals created with Italian influence on their menus. 

      2.   India 

Almost all throughout India especially in Gujurat, Mumbai and Southern India, you can find flavorful vegetarian dishes. India houses nearly 5 million vegetarians. With that being said, finding delicious foods that you can eat won’t be an issue and you’ll get to enjoy authentic cuisine that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. 

      3.   Southeast Asia

The Asian food we often crave in America is nearly as great in quality as it is in Asia. Street food is huge in Southeast Asia and a lot of it come with vegetarian options. Tofu and tempeh are popular alternatives for those who don’t wish to add meat to their Asian dish. Just be weary of fish sauce since it is a very common dressing throughout the nation. 

      4.  Hong Kong and Singapore

Although these countries are also a part of Asia, they take particular interest in catering to vegetarians. Dishes full of wild mushrooms or made with Buddhist meat (made from wheat gluten) are common and certainly filling. 

      5.   Japan

Tofu based cuisines and vegetarian dishes of all kinds can be found quite easily throughout Japan. You will find that nearly any meal that typically contains meat can be made to appease vegetarians. By omitting the meat or requesting tofu instead, you will get to experience some of the greatest authentic meals you’ve ever tasted. 

      6.   San Francisco

That’s right. San Francisco is one of the most convenient places for vegetarians to visit. Not only do you get the exciting nightlife and beautiful weather, but you get to sample some of the most amazing vegetarian dishes created by world renowned chefs that take influence from all different cultures. 

      7.   Latin America

Latin America is huge on creating dishes with beans as the main ingredient. Any true vegetarian understands the importance of beans seeing as they’re a great source of protein. However, not only are beans frequently used in meals instead of meat, but you’ll also get the benefits of the fresh local produce used in the dishes too. 

      8.   Africa

Africa is perhaps one of the last places you’d expect to have wonderful vegetarian options, but they do! In fact, part of their culture’s religious beliefs includes not eating meat on Wednesdays or Fridays.

If you’d like to learn more about these countries, their cuisine, as well as what else can be experienced, send me an email so I can work with you and get you, your partner and/or your family to one of these great nations.

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