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Nathan Legg travel has only one focus—Luxury Travel. That’s my forte.

My approach is to sit down and get to know you so that I can craft your personal Luxury Travel profile, thereby ensuring that what I create and manage fits your needs now, but equally so, anticipatory of what your adventure might be next year, or five years from now.

This is a service that provides you trusted information, takes away the complexity and makes it simple, and lastly, SAVES YOU TIME! Nathan Legg Travel is true personalized travel at its finest and is attainable to those who are ready to Experience the world; not just visit it.

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Nathan Legg

About Nathan Legg

My Travel Stats (so far): 94,413kms 

Continents: 5 

Countries Visited: 42

Everything I do, I believe in making certain that when you return home, you have a travel story and an experience that cannot be compared by others. That what you have to share with family and friends is clearly not a comparative experience, but rather, superlative. I create such experiences as a means to inspire you and those around you, to constantly have the desire to travel and see the world.

I create your one-of-a-kind experience by utilizing my own personal travel experience and knowledge, using my tremendous relationships with suppliers around the world, and by being your personal assistant from the beginning; because the experience starts from when we first meet. Not from when the wheels leave the ground.

I’ve had the good fortune to travel the world that spanned 5 continents; from climbing as high as Mount Everest Base Camp to diving in the Great Barrier Reef, and everything in between. Traveling the world was the best decision I ever made. Being able to witness the beautiful landscapes of Indonesia’s rice fields, Argentina’s endless vineyards and the magnificent sunsets over the Fijian Islands, it also provided opportunity for personal growth. Traveling delivers not only tangible benefits, but also the intangible. You are able to learn more about yourself; your likes and dislikes, about patience, and your capability to connect and build relationships all over the world. I was able to experience all of this, and so much more, because I sought out a couple important details in my travels—to have access to undeniable experiences and authenticity.

This is what I would like to provide for you. My aim is to give you, the Luxury Traveler, personalization and access to extraordinary experiences that few people can; thereby placing you in an exclusive club of travelers.

Whether you’re looking for the best in luxury transportation, the finest luxury hotel, or those off-the-beaten-path hidden gems within a specific destination, I’ve done my research and have built genuine relationships with the best people around the world to ensure that what you experience is second-to-none.


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Nathan Legg

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Dr. Jordan & Laurie Leith

"We were referred to Nathan by a friend of ours to help book our holiday to Spain and Portugal; and are we ever happy we did. He was marvelous! He took the time to get to know us so that he knew exactly what we were looking to get out of this trip, great attention to detail, he was incredibly patient with us (as we always had last minute changes), and works very hard to give you a really great experience. We'll be using Nathan's services for all our future holidays plans, and we would feel very confident in recommending our friends, family and anybody else to do the same."

Sophie & James

"My family and I worked with Nathan for our 2-week trip to Italy, and it was amazing! He took care of everything for us from start to finish: flights, accommodations, tours, transfers and a few surprises along the way :). His attention to detail is what made our trip the best one we've ever been on and I'm already working with him again for our next one. I would highly recommend him to anybody."


"True to his title as an Experience Specialist, Nathan was absolutely amazing in giving me and my husband an experience we’ve never had before. He worked tirelessly for us from the beginning, was patient, very knowledgeable, and truly committed in taking the time to get to know us so that what was planned was tailored to perfection. Nathan really does care all about the experience, and we cannot wait to have him plan our next trip. I would highly recommend Nathan to anybody who is ready to take a trip that is second to none."


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